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Finished my German tree!What to do next ?

I took around 3 months to finish the German tree.I had a busy schedule so it took around that much time.I would like to say Danke to the duolingo community as it has provided the necessary basic material and foundation for learning German.I still have to improve certain areas and know all the duolingo words .Whats next or whats best after Duolingo for taking your German further?

May 4, 2015



Congratulations to you! =)

There are a lot of possibilities that you could try to do:

  • Take the reverse course.
  • Read an easy or intermediary book in German (and, if you have the possibility, listen to the audio of that book at the same time!)
  • Listen to podcasts (Focused listening is key here!).
  • Search a language exchange partner to converse with on Sharedtalk, conversationsexchange, languageexchange or various other language specific webpages.
  • Watch movies in German with English subtitles.
  • Watch movies in German with German subtitles.
  • Try to force yourself to think in German.
  • ...to be continued in 2 years after you will have reached a B2 skill level ;-)


"Watch German movies with subtitles" is the best way of improving and feeling more confident in a language. I could not have said better ! I did it for english and I think I improved my vocabulary and I never needed to learn any new words.


nice, should i use english or german subtitles?


I think you should use both , first the english to understand the idea and guess the words in german, and then with german subtitles to see the words you didn't get/guess, that's how I learnt english


das ist ein gut ein, Mann. das ist witchig


Hello I want to share you how I learned Japanese. I am using this method for german this time.

try reading German articles of your interesst in internet (get help from google translate) print the list of new words (only those words, which you are sure about their meaning and you have gained a tangible feeling about the word meaning through reading it in the text ) daily and review them for 10 days (daily review is just fast. read the German word aloud and a glance to the meaning -30 words from yesterday takes only 2 or 3 minutes because you already encountered the words just yesterday and it is not hard to review it just the next day- here is an exmple

1st day 40 new words/ 0 review 0 minute review 2nd day 30 new / 40 review 3 minutes 3rd day 50 new words / 70 words to review (30+40) 5 minutes

11th day 20 new words / review of day 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and leave day one because already learned. take less than one hour to review 700 words (review means: read the german word aloud and a glance on the meaning and do not try to remember the words meaning it just make you tired)

this is a super effective method I learned about 3000 Japanese words in one month just using this method.

some Very Important notes when using this method 1: words must be reviews every day in 10 days. 2: never add a word to list that you are not sure about the meaning (or you will regret it when reviewing) 3: you must read the German words aloud 4: the added words should be extracted from articles or movies you have watched. do not just random words to the list or you will regret it (this part is actually the must time consuming part)

change your web browsing language to german. use german when you want to use language. change your computer/ smartphone language to German. try looking up 2 or 3 words in a monolingual dictionary a day. Langenscheidt is a good dictionary.

that was the way I learned Japanese. also German is much easier than Japanese especially before advanced level.


Use immersion. That's what i would do in any case.Das ist nicht ein neu ein


Can you tell me about that site you linked? I'm on an ipad, and I think it just told me I need flash for it which we don't have on ipads :D


Sure ill help you out.. I brings you to another website that is completely in german. I am not that great at reading german but i think its for intermediate learners to make it to the next level


Excellent. I will try to check it out when I get back to my computer - not ipad.


Congratulations. I am doing the reverse tree it is great. I also like to practice in Memrise. I am myself struggling with the question what to do next. I think I am going to get a tutor it cost about $10 per hour in italki and I am looking for someone to practice German (a native) in person or online. Going to Germany is an option for me, but I want to do it when I have more German so I can take full advantage of the opportunity.


Glück Wunsch! Keep reading do movies with subtitles. I read Bild.de every day (tabloid).

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