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"Skolen har forskellige elever."

Translation:The school has got different pupils.

May 4, 2015



Is there any difference between forskellig and anderledes?

[deactivated user]

    anderledes elever = not normal pupils

    forskellige elever = diverse/dissimilar pupils


    AFAIR, there was a sentence like "pigen er anderledes". Does it mean that she was not normal in some way?

    [deactivated user]

      Yes. This could be both positive or negative. If you want to specify that she is different in a positive way, you could say "Pigen er noget særligt" = something special.

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      different from the social norm(s), not "not normal", please ^^' but thank you for the explanation of the different meanings :)


      yes different as in learns in a different manner. Not to be used in a pejorative or negative connotation


      I'm almost sure elever is from French. I'm quite surprised to see it. Are there a lot of French-origin words in Danish?


      You most likely stumbled over paraply earlier which, by the way, I find is a very cute word. There are some French-based words in Danish.


      You're right! Paraply is great :) + I was surprised because it's hardly the kind of a noun you'd expect to be a loanword, especially a French loanword.


      Google translates forskillige as 'various', and anderledes as 'different'. Now that i think on it, in English, different does seem a tad ambiguous!

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