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  5. "Eu sinto uma aranha."

"Eu sinto uma aranha."

Translation:I feel a spider.

September 19, 2013



My spidey sense is tingling.


I'm just feelin' it. Don't ask.


I feel for you. Shake it off quick.


:D funniest comment ever


I came to the page wanting to type this. I should have known someone beat me to it, lol.


Shortest poem ever: 'I feel' - a spider


poor Duolingo...trying its best to teach us verbs with the limited objects/nouns we know, and totally not making sense w example sentences.


Hahah. I tried 'I smell a spider'.. incorrect :'(


Sinto... Feel.... is that feeling like emotions or feeling with my fingers? Is there a different word for each? Or am I just thrown off because Duolingo wants me to feel spiders?


Oh sh*t … please someone SHAKE IT OF MY BACK, please!


so if I wanted to say "I feel like"... something, (although not necessarily a spider), would I say eu sinto como...[noun] for example, I feel like a failure or I feel like a princess?


That's what I thought they were trying to say... so I put, "I feel like a spider" ... so using "como" seems like it makes more sense if you're trying to say that.. I'm a native English speaker, but como is what they use for Spanish...but in that case, it might be "Estou como uma aranha." Because estar seems to be more relevant for a feeling...(at least with Spanish)...


A scene in Rio Blu: [as they're walking in the jungle] Oh! Oh! What was that? Jewel: A stick. Blu: Ah! And that? Jewel: It's just a rock. Blu: Oh, right. Yeah. [Blu stops and shudders as he feels something on his back] Blu: Is that a spider on my back? Jewel: Will you quit it? É apenas uma folha! It's just a leaf! Turn around! [Blu turns and we see a huge spider on his back] Jewel: Oh, um... [Jewel quickly hits the spider off of Blu's back] Jewel: Leaf. Told ya. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1436562/quotes?item=qt1529768


Hope never to feel a spider!

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