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Salamanca Uni Free Course Reminder

Just received an email reminder from MiriadaX about the A2 course in Spanish starting tomorrow click here for link, which is being run by Salamanca Uni.

More advanced speakers (not me !), can find other courses about other subjects run by more Spanish Unis at MiriadaX.

Copy of email reminder as below which gives an overview.

Hola a todos:

Mañana, 5 de mayo, comienza la tercera edición de "Español Salamanca A2". Si no terminaste el curso en ediciones anteriores o si quieres repasar contenidos puedes aprovechar esta oportunidad.

En 2014 miles de inscritos pudieron aprender español con "Español Salamanca A2". Como siempre, se trata de un curso en línea gratuito y accesible para todo el mundo. ¡Avisa a tus amigos y familiares!

Recuerda que podrás disfrutar de un entorno de aprendizaje colaborativo, una miniserie cómica y multitud de materiales didácticos para mejorar tu español.

Nos vemos muy pronto en "Español Salamanca A2".

3 years ago


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Thank you so much for the reminder!

I would have totally forgot about it. I checked my course page on the site just to be sure and it seem that I'm enrolled and everything's ok, I just didn't get any emails for some reason.

3 years ago

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Thank you for posting this. I just enrolled.

3 years ago

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Gracias. I also got the email and have just finished the survey. Happy learning!

3 years ago


Thanks ever so much. I'm enrolled and doing the course.

3 years ago