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  5. "Das ist ein Reifen."

"Das ist ein Reifen."

Translation:That is a tire.

December 23, 2012



Duolingo's solution: What ripening. It has nothing to do with the topic of the lesson. I said That is a tyre, which seems more in accordance with the lesson.


Duolingo proposed also: "What coming to maturity!"

Seems they meant "Reifen" as the substantive of the verb "reifen" meaning "to ripe, to age, to mature". So "ein Reifen" then would correctly but also absurdly mean "a maturing". And if pronounced "DAS ist ein Reifen!" it could make some sense: "What a maturing!"

But of course, if I read or hear "Das ist ein Reifen" I think of no other meaning than "This is a tyre."

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