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Do You Keep All Your Lessons Gold?


I am about half way done with my German skill tree. However, I always try and keep all my previous lessons gold before I start doing the new lessons. Is this a good idea? Or should I just keep doing new lessons? Do you also try and keep all your lessons gold before moving on?

September 20, 2013



Everyone is different. I am a little OCD and can't stand when one of my previous lessons loses a gold bar, so I when I notice it, I have to refresh that lesson to bring it back up again before I can continue on. I see plenty of other users who have lots of less-than-full gold skills, though, and they seem to be doing just fine.


same but recently I can't keep up. note: its CDO (alphabetical order)


I definitely agree. I don't like keeping texts or emails in my phone 'unread' and I don't like seeing lessons in my tree that aren't gold.


So, do you still keep your all lessons gold? Event on fully completed tree?


I am keeping my tree gold, even though it means that I usually only get to new lessons on the weekend because my weekday time is used up by review. I don't have anything to compare it to, but I think it is helping me to keep everything fresh, especially all the verb forms.

I made the mistake of clicking on one of the gold leaves once, noticing that some of the individual lessons had white spots. I couldn't resist fixing it up so they were all complete, but so far I've managed to resist clicking on gold leaves except when I specifically want to practice that.

At the rate I'm going, it will be a couple of months before I complete the last 7 leaves of my tree. But I don't mind - I'm not particularly eager to complete the tree anyway.


Repetition is at the core of learning a language. You are reminded by the changing colors to re-visit lessons periodically for practice -- and that's a good thing. You can also keep the tree gold by going to Vocabulary and doing the Weakest Words exercise now and again. When I check in to Duolingo every morning, the Weakest Words exercise is the first place I go. Works well and the tree is always gold.


yes, it seems we have all forgotten that we are here to learn a language, not keep a picture pretty :D


Where do I find Vocab? Or maybe Im not far enough along yet. At the top under more I see words but there is no weakest words option and doesn't offer the option to practise words


Do as you wish. I just keep trying to learn my language (Spanish) and don't pay attention to streaks, lingots, gold bars, points, etc. because they are of no interest. But I am an old guy, and I don't care much for the 'game' approach that Duo increasingly emphasizes. :)


I keep mine gold every day. It just looks good and it gives you a little more confidence that your doing well with your progression. Also it helps to make sure you have all your words down because the lessons build on each other so your going to have to practice your old words in your new lesson weather you try to keep things gold or not. Keeping them gold just helps reinforce your knowledge of the language and isn't a bad idea to do.


It is a very good idea to keep trees gold - the decay feature is designed to encourage the spaced practice that promotes efficient learning - see the description with references here. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spaced_repetition

Which doesn't mean it is easy to do - well done! I try but still haven't fully recovered from the big changes to the decay algorithm last month.


Strike for a balance between your progress and those golds :)


I personally like to keep them gold because it keeps what I previously learned fresh in my mind. ^^ So every time I see one that loses a bar, I will do the lesson until it's gold again.

But everyone learns differently. It's your choice to keep them gold or not~.


I like to keep mine gold, because if I keep them gold, I feel that I have kept them refreshed, which is good. One of the other reasons I like to keep mine gold though, is simply because it looks nicer. :)


Yes, of course it looks the way nicer, I am trying to do it too, but I have absolutely no success :( I'm a sadly impatient person but also a perfecionist- and that's a quite weird combination. I want to proceed quickly through the lessons and also I want to see them golden. Everytime I start to practise old lessons and refresh skills till I get bored and I leave Duolingo. Sad, isn't it? Does somebody have an advice? I would appreciate it ;).


If you right from the beginning try keeping yours always gold, it will be a lot easier. It is only hard when you have a bunch of skills that you have to go over again to keep gold. A good way to balance it out is to each day, refresh an old skill and then learn a couple of lessons. That way you will have done both, but mostly gotten to move forward. After some days of doing that, you will have refreshed enough old skills while still learning more, so that your tree will stay gold. Hope that helps! :)


My strategy was to keep the tree gold the entire way through, but it became increasingly difficult at the end (and I also placed a restriction that I had to have a solid gold tree when finishing the last lesson). Between that, the weird/hard lessons at the end and the big decay bomb this summer, it took me a couple months to get through the last few lessons. I'm still trying to keep everything gold but haven't managed to get ahead of it--I'm still reacting to multiple decays every day.


I'll try it. Thanks :).


Keeping the tree gold DEFINITELY makes the later lessons easier. I really found I had to rehearse some lessons way more than required to keep them gold in order to get through.


I actually go one step further and look at the vocabulary section, and sort by "strength", so I see the weakest words at the top. Then I practice those individual words so that I don't have any weak words anymore. I'd say that's about a weekly event for me.

I think I should really learn to let go a bit.... :-)


I do this too...hence I'm still up ate 1:12 a.m doing so lol :-)


I was about to post this as well. DuoLingo has built-in spaced repetition code, so I have found it most useful to do this every day. It doesn't take long if you do it every day and it also has the benefit of spaced repetition that way.

Go to vocabulary, sort by "strength" to see if any of them have 2 bars or less ("Time to practice"), and hit the "Practice weakest words" button. Repeat until no remaining words have less than 3 bars.


Where do I find the vocabulary section ?


The vocabulary section is gone now, and will come back later.


Yes, but there is the risk of triggering a problem/"bug" with duolingo this way, that is, you will get a small amount of words repeated every day. So it seems it is better not to practice too often. Though hopefully this will be fixed soon, because this IMO is the best feature of duolingo.


How the heck do you keep them all at full strength? I do the same ( I mean sort by strength) but there are sooooo many individual words at 1 and 2 segments that it's impossible to keep them ALL at 4 segments isn't it?


I suppose it depends on how many words you're up to, but I'm currently around 1000, and it takes no more than 20 minutes a day to keep exercising the ones under 3 bars.

Keep in mind the way spaced repetition works. Your memory decays along a curve when plotted against time. When a word is new to you, you need to use it again within a relatively short period (a couple of days) in order to avoid forgetting it. However, the next time you'll remember it longer (something like a week). The progression continues like this and each time you refresh it just before you're about to forget it, the word sticks around longer and longer until it's finally in your long-term memory.

As a result, the vast majority of the words after you get things rolling don't need to be practiced but once every few weeks and eventually months.

As an example, if you are a native English speaker, take a word like onomatopoeia. Chances are if you ever learned it, you still know what it means even though you likely haven't heard it in years.


Ah...right... good example re onomatopoeia... i never considered that... I have about 1,700 French words in my vocab now so that figures why I am finding it hard to keep the words all gold. I always keep the lessons gold though :-)


Do what you like most, learning a language starts with motivation.


anyone else notice that on some computers they are all gold but on others multiple colours?


Yes, I noticed that, I thought either it was an update or one of the computers wasn't working properly.


Hi Paul, I think it is good to do a few old lessons but more new one. It depends on whether you are doing this for fun, learning or speed. The new lessons do bring up words and skills from older ones, so you get to practice the older ones, even when you are moving forward. Over the last three weeks I have covered many lessons, to get a better perspective of the language and its sensibility, for more intuitive learning. Yes i do sacrifice my grammar and some of the finer aspects, but it makes more sense. One can always revise, the app allows us to do it in so many ways


Yes, I think you should try to keep them gold. It's a sign that you're retaining the words and grammar from earlier lessons. I'm about 3/4 of the way through my tree and I have just started to redo the tree from the beginning fo revision as I'm about to start a french class next week. So, for now I'm focussing on consolidating what Ialready know rather than going too quickly through the tree and getting muddled. It's rather difficult now, what with the subjunctive and conditionals etc so I want to make sure I have fully grasped the basics before I end up tying myself in knots. When you go back through the earlier lessons you find they are not so simple after all because the vocabulary you have learned in later lessons appears there as well. :-)


I haven't kept them all gold ... and have just finished the tree. But, maybe I would have done better if I had done it slower and always kept it gold. I do think though that it is not an either / or situation - and there is no one way that is best for all. The main thing is to just keep at it, however you do it. Still, practice is the essence of learning a language, so sooner or later one just has to practice, practice, practice!


I didn't know you can have a lesson go from gold to not gold. Is this because they add new lessons? Or because Duolingo feels you need to review the words again to re-master them?


Yes over time if you don't practice a lesson your score in it will start to "decay" but if you pass the lesson again after it does this it will bump it back up to gold


My first time through I was too slow to keep old skills 'gold' so I just keep plowing ahead, trying to finish all the skills once.

Now that I've finished (except for a few lessons in one skill added late) I'm repeating everything (I'm a slow learner, what can I say?) and now I try to keep all the ones I've repeated gold.

Seems to work for me, but then I'm slow and don't always have enough time to spend on DL.


Well, you are lucky to see anything other than gold...

I am currently using Firefox - only gold. Just tried Chrome - only gold. Internet explorer? Yup, you guessed it.

The only way to see anything other than gold is to use the Safari browser on my Iphone. It did that this morning and realised that what have been seeing on the other computers is wrong.

Surely there must be some way of getting this to work in other browsers - it is somewhat defeating the point of the algorithms at the moment as I have no way of knowing what to practice!

I am studying Italian, by the way. Perhaps it's just a problem with that,


Strange - I use different browsers including Firefox, Safari and Chrome, and in several languages including Italian, and the different colours show up in all of them.


Are anyone else's lessons always gold? I do practice my skills a lot though. If i ever find a lesson challenging i always make sure i have practiced a lot before i move on. I think some people are impatient to get to the end and thus only do the lessons once and rarely practice. they then lose their gold bars.


I find that most of my time stay gold, but I do spend more time strengthening skills than learning new lessons - probably 70:30. However there are some lessons that always decay if any are going to - verb infinitives, adverbs and adjectives. I have no idea why as I know there is some vocabulary in earlier lessons that I haven't seen in weeks!


I've never had a lesson not be gold. I never redo lessons, but will occasionally do the 'lesson practice', especially if I am not at my computer, and just using my phone to refresh.


I think that it is a good idea to keep the previous lessons you have completed gold, because it affirms that you haven't forgotten any material up to the point that you now are at, although, it doesn't hurt to move on when some of your previous skills haven't been recently reiterated. I usually tend to keep all of my completed lessons gold.

[deactivated user]

    Hey! Yes, I try to keep all my lessons gold. I find it looks looks nicer and more organized that way. You also get easy 10+ points for doing an old lesson you're already familiar with.

    [deactivated user]

      I should add that I only keep lessons gold on my Spanish tree, because learning Spanish is my main goal.


      i do the same with english, it's my principal goal learn english, the other languages i take to complement and fun


      I try to keep them gold, simply because it bothers me if they're not. I haven't practiced in a long time, unfortunately (my parents put a block on my internet at night, so I can never practice when I want to), so very few lessons are gold.



      I am doing Greek, and it went all nice and smooth until I got stuck with adjectives. No matter how many times I impeccably pass the "strengthen adjectives" exercise, Duolingo keep showing me I have to practice more (i.d. the adjectives' strengthen bar never gets fully gold). All my previous lessons are gold except this one, it has become annoying and frustrating, I don't know what to do. Did anyone have the same problem?


      Hi. My problem is opposite. The application stopped tracking me loosing skills. Once the lesson is completed it satys gold forever so i application is not advising which areas i might need to pay more attantion from the past. Is it possible to change that? Or it is some new settings?


      I've gotten impatient and went ahead 3/4 through the course. Now that I completed the lesson, I've just gone back to make em all Gold. Anyways, I noticed that the best thing about keeping them gold before moving on is it helps with memorization and making educated guesses passing the next lessons much faster with more ease than moving on. Doing that will take MUCH time finishing the course, but worth if if your passionate for learning it.

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