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  5. "Some apples are green."

"Some apples are green."

Translation:Bazı elmalar yeşildir.

May 4, 2015



So the plural "-lar" is skipped when there's a numeral "üç elma". I understood this as aiming at avoiding redundancy. But with bazı, you need to add the postfix, right?

So is it only with numerals that you skip the plural mark? If not, is there still a rule as to when you skip it and when not? Some wiggle room on either side? ("it's more complicated, you'll see later" is a perfectly acceptable answer!)


"bazı" is kind of a special case where you have to add it. Most quantifiers omit it. :)


what is the difference between bazi and birkac?


I had the same question, because my dictionary shows birkaç = some; a few.


Is there a reason "Biraz elmalar yeşildir" is incorrect? =) Thanks for an awesome program, by the by!


"Biraz" means "a little (bit)." It doesn't mean "some" :)


Thank you! I have issues with near-synonyms.


But a little bit is some))) Of course,there is a difference,but they are close....Here one can see a common problem- we try to study another language being ourselves based or relying on mother tongue or known one,while there can be found even the different way of constructing words,reverse order...whatever.


But "biraz bira iç" iş translated as "drink some beer".How does that fit in?


I believe this is how you should see it:

Bazı = Some, while some other things or others are/do not.

Biraz = Some, when you're talking about a small (but unspecified) amount or degree of something.

So as for your sentence, it can't be bazı. You'd be talking about drinking some beer(s), while you can't/won't/shouldn't drink some other beer(s).

I might have left bazı clarifications out, but I do hope this has been of biraz help.


Does it help to think of "biraz" as two words together: "bir az" ? "bir" = "a(n)", "az" = "little". So "bir-az" = "a little" ? Works for me.


I wrote "Bazı elmalar yeşilLER" and it was accepted! What is the deal here?? yeşilDİR vs. yeşilLER, when is either used and are they interchangeable?


Why isn't it "Bazı elmalar yeşiller"? Why do we use -dir here?


Not quite certain whether -ler would be wrong or a possible alternative, but -dir is for stating facts to my knowledge, so at least more natural in this case.


What would this mean? Bazlerin elmalar yeşil.


it doesn't mean anything


thanks for your help

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