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How can I report after the fact?

On a few occasions I have had people who are native speakers of the language I am learning say I translated correctly when Duo marked me wrong, but this kind of thing generally happens a day or two after the fact, when I am discussing my Duo experiences with my friends. I'd like to be able to submit a "My answer should be accepted" report, but I cannot find any mechanism within Duo to submit that report after I have left the page in question.

I think that the discussion page for each translation should have a "Report" button, or at least I think that Duo would do well to provide an after-the-fact reporting option.

May 4, 2015



If the error has been corrected after your completed the exercise, based on some other user's report, or the contributors' own initiative, the report submitted by you after the event may be redundant. Just imagine, with millions of users the potential number of incorrect reports.

Next time when you work on the skill and you again get the same issue, you can report the same.


That is certainly an option, but it would be nice if we could proactively navigate to a particular page instead of waiting to encounter randomly the page in question. I'm not complaining; Duo is very good as it is. :)

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