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"The possibility."

Translation:An fhéidearthacht.

3 years ago



Tá seans ann go gclosfeá an focal "seans" níos minicí ná an focal "féidirtheacht" sa chás seo...

3 years ago

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Seans seems to be an import of French chance (as is English “chance”), so it would seem to be a better match for “possibility” in its sense of “a possible thing”, e.g. “There’s no possibility of this pig taking flight”. Féidearthacht seems to be a better match for “possibility” in its sense of “option” or “choice”, e.g. “Have you considered the possibility of grafting wings onto that pig with my new Icarus 3000 device?”.

3 years ago


Aontaím leat a dhuine, Níor chuala "Féidearthacht" riamh. Tá cuma Béarlachais air.

3 years ago


The archives of beo.ie on potafocal are usually fairly reliable, and there are plenty of examples of féidearthacht there.

It's even in Dineen:

féideardhacht, -a, f., practicability, feasibility (also féidireacht).

9 months ago