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How do you become a course contributor and make a language?

Please help

May 4, 2015



but bosnian isn't a choice to contribute how do u make it


You apply. If:

  • Duo's staff has enough human ressources to manage a team for a new course
  • if there are enough volunteers of "good quality" (speaking writing well both languages, motivated, ...)
  • (in general) Duo considers the course as being one of the most worldly asked for (not restricted to Duo community)
  • and probably a lot of other criteria

Then they will add the course and so choose some of the applicants to be contributors.

So, it's useless to "ask for" the course (for example by falsely applying just to say "i want this course) but useful to apply if you're fluent in both languages and motivated.

N.B.: this discussion has nothing to do with the School platform and has more its place in the General forum. Could you move it there? Thx.


Use the duolingo incubator


Me gusta ensenar, pero para ser un buen tutor necesito fortalecer el idioma Ingles y aprender a manejar mejor mi computadora. Estoy interesado en ayudar al projimo.

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