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  5. "Você pode fechar a porta?"

"Você pode fechar a porta?"

Translation:Can you close the door?

May 4, 2015



Could you shut the door, or, would you shut the door, would work perfectly well here as well.

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Fechar - to close - to shut. I agree with you here. But Duo is using 'can you - você pode' - this is the present tense. The use of 'could, would' introduces a different verb form which implies the future tense.

Eu falarei - I will speak (talk). Eu comeria - I would eat.


true: "could you shut the door" would translate better to "você poderia fechar a porta?"; and "would you shut the door" to "você fecharia a porta?". they both have to do with the subjuntive.

both would sound more polite than "você pode fechar a porta?", but than the english one here "can you close the door" also have this somewhat agressive tone to it ;)

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Quite correct - subjunctive, not future. Thank you!


in English "can you close the door" = are you able to close the door. Of course I'm able to but will I? Correct English would be "will you or would you close the door" though "could " is often used -perhaps incorrectly - instead. However, one would use "can" if you don't know whether the person asked is able to - he or she might need a key, for example.. It is unclear to me, however, whether poder is as prescriptive as English can. Any guidance?


Is it Okay if we politely say "Can you please close the door?"?

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