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"Schrijf je een boek? Nee, je schrijft een krant."

Translation:Are you writing a book? No, you are writing a newspaper.

May 4, 2015



This sounds like someone trying to tell someone else that they're not as big as they think they are


Why is it "schrijf je" but "je schrijft"?


Answered my own question. :) From the notes for this module: "In a question where the second person singular je/jij is directly after the verb, the verb does not get a -t"


This doesn't sound like a correct translation. It would not sound this way in English grammar.


Lol, I was lazy on the second part:
"Are you writing a book? No, you write a newspaper."

Too bad, it is not accepted by Duolingo.


How would you say "you are writing an article"?


"je schrijft een artikel"


What's wrong with ''are you writing a book ?''


Nothing is wrong with that translation for the first Dutch sentence above. It's the second sentence that is giving people problems because no one person ever writes an entire newspaper.


Exactly! In English translation some of these sentences confuse me because they're not applicable to real life scenarios. I like the joke sentences, like "no, you are not an apple" but sentences like "you are writing a newspaper" would not be something that's said in real life.


Do you write a book no you write a newspaper. Is it wrong?


Same here is meant to be present simple and continious, so dont understand why its wrong


Je sounded like dier to me. She is not clear here.


Drats! Still having trouble with when to use Je, and when to use Jij. I got everything correct on this sentence except I used Jij in each case instead of Je. I know what i'm doing is wrong. but, I don't grasp why.

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