"Noi leggiamo giornali."

Translation:We read newspapers.

December 23, 2012

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Anyone else suspect this is a great way to understand or even read italian but sort of falls down on actually speaking it?


Well, you can hear the pronounciation (although it's not always that good) by hovering your mouse pointer over the words, but still, you don't need to restrain yourself to duolingo to learn another language - nor should you.

The website "Forvo" (google it) shows you how to pronounciate over 2 million words in over 3 hundred languages. If you're ever in doubt about how to say something, you can always use it.

Watching videos or movies in Italian is also a good option to show you how people actually speak full phrases.


"newspaper" doesn't need to be in plural


In English, you either need it to be plural, or with the article. For example, "we read newspapers" means that even in this crazy electronic world, we still read newspapers, while "we read the newspaper" means that we are sitting around together sharing one newspaper (the only way I can envision multiple people reading a single newspaper without one or more of them staring over someone's shoulder). It is definitely a confusing exercise, but in this case, it does have to be plural since the article was not said. Hope this helps!


I am saying that the app has left out the article, "i". I wrote "Noi leggiamo i giornali and was told I was wrong.


Ohhhh...that is because in this case, you are to write what you heard, not translate a sentence. I agree completely that if it was a "translate this sentence from English to Italian" exercise, it should accept the article. But in this case, the speaker did not include the article, and we were to write what she said.

(BTW, I also had trouble with it and had to listen over and over to be sure if the article was there...I was completely expecting it to be there, but even after multiple attempts could not hear one, so I write it without...turns out in this case that was the correct answer.)


Sorry but how we know if its giornali or giornale


We also say read the paper in addition to newspaper


This is more common usage in every day conversations in Australian English


Really? Which group of Australians?


Anyway in singular you can't say... "io leggo giornale", you have to use the article and being "giornale" masculine, you have to use "il" or "un"... "il giornale"... "un giornale".


You tell us the noun isnt necessary and then mark it wrong when we leave it off.. I do Not understand!!!


We read 'newspapers' - how is it possible??


I think the difference in this case is between "we read the newspaper" (which to me means that we are all sitting around with various parts of the Sunday paper, for example) and "we read newspapers" (which to me means that, even though the rest of this young crazy world has given up on the newspaper and gets their news through the internet, we still read newspapers.)


Reading the papers is the same as reading the newspapers


Does anyone else hear "i giornali"? I keep hearing the "i" and getting it wrong.


Why is it not "we read the newspapers" when the correct answer was "we read newspapers", what exactly is the difference?


"We read newspapers" means that in general you read newspapers, not only one, but a bunch of newspapers. "We read the newspapers" are some specific newspapers.


Hard to learn when to use articles when it's optional!!

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