"The whole cake is mine."

Translation:Pastanın tümü benim.

3 years ago



Why is it "Pastanın tümü" 'the whole cake' with a genitive construction, but "tüm gece" 'all night' without?

3 years ago


Because the whole cake' can also be translated as 'tüm pasta'. 'Pastanın tümü' is more like 'all of the cake'. But there is no difference in terms of meaning.

3 years ago


So, just to test my understanding of where the sentences focus. This sentence could be an answer to the question, "How much of the cake is yours?". If there were a few things to eat, and we were sharing them, and you wanted to say that, while we were sharing most of the things, 'all of the cake is mine', would this sentence become "tum pastanin benim'? The focus then being on the cake, rather than 'the whole'?

3 years ago


'Tüm pastanın benim.' is grammatically incorrect. It would be 'Tüm pasta benim.' If 'tüm' comes before it doesn't require genitive. You can think it like 'all the cake' and 'all of the cake'.

3 years ago

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I used "bütün" and it was accepted as follows: "Bütün pasta benim." Couldn't this also be "(Benim) bütün pastam var"?

1 year ago


Bende bütün kullandım

7 months ago


Why benimkidir is wrong?

2 years ago


Can it be tüm pastayı benim ?

10 months ago


No accusative case is needed right here. It is all about nominative (Tüm pasta or Pastanın tümü ) are subjects.

21 hours ago


Pastanın dilimleri söz konusu olursa, "tüm" doğru olabilir. Ama sanırım başka tavırda "bütün"de doğru olabilir.

2 weeks ago
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