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What the Troubleshooting forum is for


The Troubleshooting forum is for troubleshooting glitches in the website or with your account.

If you are posting to the Troubleshooting forum, please remember to note what operating system and browser you're using. (For example, my operating system is Windows7, my browser is Chrome.)

Before posting in the Troubleshooting forum, look around to see if someone has already asked/answered your question. Try using the search bar. Also, check out the Duolingo Wiki's Troubleshooting page (Unofficial, but still awesome!). It lists several common problems and their solutions.

If you have general questions about how to use the website, you'll want to post to the General forum. (If the website is currently in English, your General forum will be "Duolingo in English"). You can also check out Duolingo's official Help page and the Duolingo Wiki (it has an extensive FAQ and a Getting Started guide for new folks.)

If you're an instructor looking for assistance with the Schools feature, check out this Dashboard FAQ and this Userguide.


May 4, 2015



In addition to the name of the browser, I'm sure the developers would also like to know the browser version.


I paid 25 lingots to take the German proficiency test. I didn't know a couple answers, so I guessed -- German, relative to say Hebrew, is not that hard. I got the answers right! Woo hoo! But then, after about the 3rd answer, it dawned on me that I'm not THAT smart. So I started putting in English song lyrics, which it marked correct. So . . . I would really like my lingots back and a notification as to when this problem is fixed. If I want to be told how special I am, I can always look in the mirror. Thanks.


I have enough lingots, so I gave you 25 of mine. You are special ... aber es kann ja auch sein, dass dein Deutsch nichts Besonderes ist. ;-)


I gave you one too, because lmao your comment is epic


You said it isn't for suggestions in another post. But I don't see anywhere to make suggestions. I'll make it here and when I see it available, there as well.

It would be nice if we could listen to how it's pronounced correctly on the desktop version after we write or choose the best answer. As it is now, you have to click on the discussion, and not even every time will the little "speaker" show where you can click to hear it correctly if no discussion or comments were made. So you have to start a discussion to here the correct pronunciation. Not the biggest issue but a suggestion that would make the site better imo :)


I just need a bit of technical assistance. I can't follow on with the skills as it is stuck. I have reached nearly level 9 in Norwegian on my iphone and wish to continue the course. The format of the page looks different as well. I continue to get daily reminders.


With respect to the people working on the Hungarian course, which is in beta form, I have to say that some of the lessons really need someone who is truly bilingual to overhaul them. A good example of this is "Preverbs 2", wherein the preverbs generally work well translated into English, but the postpositional adjuncts often do not.


https://imgur.com/a/RSNYO7P ...I probably have gotten this incorrect, however, I have been having a lot of issues with latest version of Duo saying that all of my answers are incorrect. I know that I do occasionally get some of them wrong, but all of them? I'm having to use streak freeze to keep my 767 day streak active, since I can't get any of my questions correct. Attached is an image, could somebody tell me what I got wrong on it, otherwise I think that I got the answer correct


Oops, I'm sorry. You created this post just in time!


I am working on French level 2 and am not being credited for lessons I have done. I have now completed some of the food lessons 3 times. How do I get the system to record my progress correctly?


Dan 560034 I have Windows 10 and my Browser is Bing. When using German from English and Spanish from English most of the time when I complete lessons; I don't receive any XP credit.


Using safari on my iPad I quite often find that the audio cuts out mid lesson


The sound comes from another resource site, so if the internet tubes are especially clogged, or your device is tired (needs a restart) the audio can lag and cut out before finishing.


I was so excited about getting everything up to level 2 in Spanish today so I could finally get the conqueror 2 award. And nothing happened. It still says I'm only halfway there.


Dear Usagiboy7 , I am an avid user of duolingo as you can see from my 243 day steak and am learning 2 languages. This has been facilitated by having a plus account facilitated through invites. In order to extend this, i have invited many friends and many of them have joined. But those joining are not getting registered on my account and i aam not getting the advantage. Also those who have joined through me earlier are also not shown in my friends list. My operating system is android 8.1.0 and browser chrome. Please do hello correct the glitch.


Duolingo is not working on my desktop or iPhone 8.0. Nancy


my programme keeps sticking so i have to quit and lose progress points. im using android samsung mobile

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