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Experience with DELE B1 ?

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first of all, for those who do not know: The DELE ( Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera) is an international Spanish Certificate offered by the non-profit Instituto Cervantes.

I was thinking about trying the B1 level of the DELE in July. I'm only learning Spanish since a little bit more than a year now, so I am concerned if I am really up to the challenge. I'll give you a little overview about what I have done:

  • Started Spanish on Duolingo, finished the tree

  • Finished the reverse tree

  • Goldened the Spanish tree again and now keeping it golden.

  • Just for fun, I am now doing Spanish from French.

  • Met with a Spanish girl, wrote about a dozen of short stories in Spanish with her

  • Also got to some difficult points in grammar, I am now relatively secure in ser vs. estar and por vs. para

So on the written part I am relatively confident, there a some text forms I have to practice, but that should be no problem.

On the other hand, I have a huge backlog in the oral part. My pronunciation is probably terrible and I take forever to think about a sentence. What I am doing about it:

  • No more short stories, just talking.

  • Joined an A2 course, which is below the level I want to achieve, but useful since the course is mostly about talking.

  • Got some Spanish movies (but everybody is just talking way too fast).

  • Got a book for preparation (El cronómetro).

So, please, let me have some hints about preparation and what is important in the exam. Most importantly, what are the crucial points for the oral part? Just keep talking, no matter how many errors you do, or better only say a few correct sentences?

Greetings, territrades

3 years ago



I'm not really acquainted with what test you are talking about, but as a current Spanish student I will tell you what has helped me for oral exams. I listen to Spanish music. My Pandora station is pretty much stuck on Jesse y Joy radio, and it helps with speaking comprehension as you try to understand what you are hearing. Also helpful for pronunciation. I have listened to Show Time Spanish, which is put on by RadioLingo, the people that did Coffee Break Spanish. While I wasn't actively speaking, I was immersed for 20 minutes in the correct pronunciation on certain words, and my ear is kinda attuned to Spain Spanish now as a result. Still useful even if you are not learning Spain-Spanish though. I have read that some people join speaking groups at their local library, where people gather to practice their Spanish. It sounds like a good idea.
Once you have surrounded yourself by correct pronunciation, just talk constantly. It will come. And if you aren't sure grammatically, constantly correct yourself, so that when the time comes, you will know what you need to say.

3 years ago


I personally haven't taken the exam so I wouldn't have any tips (sorry!) but if you haven't seen this yet, the DELE website has sample exams:


I hope this helps even just a little! Good luck!

3 years ago