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"Zij wil lesgeven."

Translation:She wants to teach.

3 years ago



What is the difference between 'lesgeven' and 'onderwijzen'? As far as I understood both are translated as 'to teach'.

3 years ago

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Hence both are accepted, there is not much of a difference I can think of.

3 years ago

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Are they synonyms then? Just two different ways of communicating the same message?

I understand lesgeven might come from les + geven (i.e. lesson giving), while onderwijzen comes from onder + wijzen (i.e. under point).

I think of it this way: lesgeven could be literally translated as "giving lessons", while onderwijzen could be thought of as someone pointing out facts to someone under them, e.g. a teacher to a student. That's the only difference I could think of. Please correct me if I'm seeing this the wrong way.

3 years ago


why do i need to type lesgeven instead of "les geven"?

3 months ago