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  5. "I give everything to him."

"I give everything to him."

Translation:Tugaim gach rud dó.

May 4, 2015



Tugann me is also correct no?


Technically, but I don't know of any dialects that consistently use the analytic form for first person singular.


How do you know the difference between "Do" (to) and "Do" (two) in Irish? Do you just have to figure it out by looking at the rest of the sentence?


The preoposition do doesn't have a fada.The number does, so they sound completely different.

is only the numeral "2", and as such it is almost always preceded by a, as in a haon, a dó, a trí.

You do not use when specifying the number of things that you have - the Irish for "two 2's" is dhá dó. (An example where is not preceded by the article a).

is a also noun meaning "burn" - dó gréine means "sunburn".


This is one of the few sentences in Irish that translates directly into the same order as in English.


If you ignore the fact that the Irish sentence starts with a verb, and the English sentence starts with a pronoun.


Tugaim gach rud duit is wrong somehow?


duit is a 2nd person singular prepositional pronoun - "to you".

The question is asking for a 3rd person singular prepositional pronoun "to him" - .


How do you know when to use "do" or "chuig"?

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