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The Dutch remember the sacrifice made for their freedom

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Hi all,

Today, May the 4th is the National commemoration in the Netherlands. (Nationale Dodenherdenking).

For those of you interested in what it looks like, this a page that links to some official recordings.

I hope you find it educational.

The recording of the broadcast on NPO2 (one of the Dutch public television stations). http://www.npo.nl/nos-nationale-herdenking-2015/04-05-2015/15act0504Herdenking2

Search page for more links: http://www.npo.nl/nos-nationale-dodenherdenking/POMS_S_NOS_104607

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Kind regards, Bemk92.

May 4, 2015



Those of you who haven't opened the links, DO IT. I have seen this stuff and I understood a word or two here and there. Not enough to really grasp the content of what people were saying but the emotion shown communicated better than them speaking in English would've. I hope that the language of emotion helps the non Dutch speakers here (and other learners) understand


This was very interesting. Never knew about this, thanks for sharing.

Gelukkig bevrijdingsdag, dan!


In the UK we have a remembrance day in November and a two minute silence at 11am. But to stand still in the middle of a street party at 8pm on a warm spring evening was very dignified and moving. It's easy to forget as a Brit, where we mourn only our war dead, that the Dutch mourn their invasion and the holocaust as well. In truly defiant spirit, there is a party at the homomonument, which is strewn with flowers and surrounded by gay couples of all ages kissing and celebrating their right to be free. In many ways, it was surviving the atrocities of the second world war that led to Benno Premsela opening the debate about gay rights in the Netherlands that led to this country's adoption of liberal laws allowing adults to love each other. I am proud to call this country and the wonderful city of Amsterdam home and use Duolingo all the time to help me practice my Dutch.


As a former boy scout and a musician, I have been a part of many such commemorations. Every time again it moves me. I love playing those noble hymnes. This year I did not take part in a commemoration service and I really missed it. Last year I played with the Politiekapel Noord en Oost Gelderland (Police Orchestra of North and East Gelderland) at Ereveld Loenen (military burial ground of Loenen). A beautiful solemn service under the pine trees, bathed by a lovely sunshine, with hundreds of people in attendance and a very moving speech by Minister of Internal Affairs Ronald Plasterk.

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