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Best features on duolingo

1.Colorful, lively and welcoming background unlike many other daunting sites. 2. Organized learning and progress tracking with 'tree'; unlocking stages like in a game.(everybody loves that kind of experience) 3.All skills are developed. ie.reading, writing, listening, speaking, 4.Admins are attentive and listen to the users' comments improving the site greatly. 5..Users who always try to help 6. Ultimately It' FREE!

These are some of the best features I see on duolingo. NEVER LET THEM SLIP. IT WOULD BE MUCH BETTER IF YOU COULD INCREASE THE CURIOSITY AND ADD A FEATURE LIKE 'BADGES' .eg: for having 10 day streak, etc etc.

Thank you! keep the good work up! :)

September 20, 2013



That it's a comprehensive course--as opposed to dealing with a multitude of resources, one only needs to concern themselves with working down the tree. And more, learning by recognition and assimilation of patterns is much less annoying than teacher instruction or book lessons. For myself, learning for reading proficiency, after a week I've been able to slowly work my way through some fairly advanced literature. All I could hope for is additional content (to front-run my golden owl) and the continued support of the platform.

[deactivated user]

    How ru now 6 years later?

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