"At what time?"

Translation:Saat kaçta?

May 4, 2015

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isn't "ne zaman?" a better equivalent to this than "saat kacta"? if not , why?


Because it's idiomatic. True, "ne" means "what" and "zaman" means "time," but "Ne zaman?" means "When?" in Turkish. Like in English, these two things are a little different. In English, you could ask both "What time are you going?" or "When are you going?" In Turkish, also, it's "Saat kaç gidiyorsun?" or "Ne zaman gidiyorsun?" But these two questions are a little different: Once asks what specific hour, and the other asks when in general. So the Turkish "Ne zaman?" can sometimes be answered with a specific hour or a general time, but it should be translated as "When?" "Saat kaç," like "What time?" will always be answered as a specific hour.


*saat kaçta gidiyorsun?


What does the -ta in kaçta mean?


Isn't that the locative? "Saat kaçta" would mean "At how many hours?", I think.


Saat kaç? = What time is it?

Kaç saat? = (For) how many hours?

Saat kaçta? = At what time?

Kaç saatte? = In how many hours? (How many hours does/did it take you to …)


Wow, word order! I was answering the question of what the -ta means in that. It's obviously the locative. Similarly, the dative seems to be used in the meanings of "to" (before). Obviously, its idiomatic meaning is slightly different that its literal one.


I gave you a lingot even before reading the comment because I know it'll hit the point


How can i say What is time now ? Thanks in advance


(Şu anda) saat kaç?


Saat kaç şimdi

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