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"The cats drink milk in the castle."

Translation:Kediler kalede süt içer.

May 4, 2015



What's the difference between saying "Kediler kalede süt içer" and "Kalede kediler süt içer"? Is the emphasis in the latter on the "castle" and in the former on the "cats"?


"kediler kalenin içinde süt içer" this also be the right answer


Doesn’t içinde mean ‘within’?


Can we say "kalede kediler sut icer"?


Why is it not "Kediler süt kalede içer." but rather "Kediler kalede süt içer." Is there a rule for word order?


You can say "Kediler sütü kalede içer." but the sentence "Kediler süt kalede içer." is completely wrong. Actually i do not know why. But generally "to drink something" is used together. süt içmek, gazoz içmek, çay içmek, kahve içmek etc.


My guess (and it's just a guess) is that, if you recall that Turkish is SOV, you sort of switch the order of things from how you'd say it in English (which is SVO). So "The cats drink milk in the castle" becomes literally "The cats in the castle milk drink". Additionally I'm sure you could put kalede closer to içer if you want to emphasize the location of the milk-drinking cats.


Well, not quite. You are allowed to move the order of words in Turkish sentences quite a bit. The issue is that general direct object must come direct before the verb or they have to get the accusative case :)


Is "Kediler süt içer kalede" acceptable?


Nope...cause in turkish the verb comes in the End ... here süt içer is verb so its comes in the end n kalede is locative case.


Can we say "kalede kediler süt içer" ?


I wrote şatoda and it was rejected. May I please know why?

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