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"You want to be a civil servant."

Translation:Memur olmak istersiniz.

May 4, 2015



"sen bir memur olmak istersin" should be the right answer


it is an acceptable but very unnatural answer. In Turkish we don't normally use "bir" before professions while it is obligatory in English


You should report it.


What is the difference in context between 'Memur olmak istersin' and 'Memur olmak istiyorsun'?


In Turkish, present continuous tense can also be used like simple present tense.

Example: Kendimi kötü hissediyorum. (I feel bad.) Bu evi almak istiyorum. (I want to buy that house.)

So, to say to the person we are talking to like "you want to be a civil servant", we say "Memur olmak istiyorsun." meaning (Memur olmak istersin.)


"You want to be a civil servant." Translation: Memur olmak istersiniz.


Memur olmak istiyorsun.

Correct other Turkish answer accepted by Duo.

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