What are the similarities between Malay, Indonesian and Malaysian?Apa kesamaan antara Melayu ,Indo?

Sorry if my Indonesian isn't good, I'm just using Google Translate. I would like to learn Indonesian and was wondering what the similarities were between Malay, Indonesian and Malaysian. Also, if someone here can help me in my quest to learn Indonesian I would be happy for you to do so. Thank you.

Maaf jika Indonesia saya tidak baik , saya hanya menggunakan Google Translate . Saya ingin belajar bahasa Indonesia dan bertanya-tanya apa persamaan adalah antara Melayu , Indonesia dan Malaysia . Juga, jika seseorang di sini bisa membantu saya dalam pencarian saya untuk belajar bahasa Indonesia saya akan senang untuk Anda untuk melakukannya . Terima kasih.

May 4, 2015

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If I may reword your question: what are the similarities of Malay and Indonesian? (because IIRC Malaysia refers to their language as Malay, not Malaysian).

The answer to your question is that they are mutually intelligible, and vocabularies are--to some extent--similar. The mutual intelligibility makes it harder to list the common words (the list will be very long!), and makes it easier to study the differences using the list of false friends::

August 17, 2015
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