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  5. "We read them a book."

"We read them a book."

Translation:Biz onlara bir kitap okuruz.

May 4, 2015



Why its onlara instead of onlar


This is the dative case-- "to them". The "to" isn't always necessary in the English translation. The Turkish, however, must always use dative case for indirect objects.

Biz onlara bir kitap okuruz = We read them a book -OR- we read a book to them.


Not in street English but in proper English the "to" is required. I hear "give me it", "show me it", etc. from tottlers all the time. Yeah, I'll show you! LOL


I think the past tense is technically a correct answer as well, since the English "read" could be either present or past tense.


it already is an accepted answer


Hmm, I chose both answers and got it wrong. It said only the present tense was accepted. I may go back and try again.


maybe there was a small difference in the sentence using the past form - so it was wrong. This happens a lot . But I cannot see the options


The sentences with the past tense read "We read them they a book" and "They read read"


Why is the bir before kitap necessary?


it is optional, "bir" can be used like an indefinite article in Turkish (like a/an) and can be omitted usually. If you have an adjective you cannot omit it though (e.g. Biz onlara g├╝zel bir kitap okuruz)


Biz onlara bir kitap okuduk, never met before, it gave me this answer (?)


Late response, but in case anyone else is wondering:

"Okuduk" is past tense (we read). The English is ambiguous when written- simple present or past. Duo will teach "okuduk" later on in the tree, but it accepts it already because it's equally correct.

Duo tries to suggest the "closest" accepted response, which unfortunately may not be the response we were aiming for. :-)


Read may be either past or present tense, AND 'yor' as in 'okuyoruz' is also correct.


Past tense is also accepted ("okuduk").

"Okuyoruz" is not accepted because it translates as "we are reading" (present continuous). "Okuruz" is "we read" in simple present/aorist. Duo will teach the distinction further on in the tree. :-)


Biz onlara bir kitap okuruz


From a couple of items before it was "They read a book to us". Where is the "to them" = onlara.


"We read them a book." Translation: Biz onlara bir kitap okuruz.


Biz onlara kitap okuruz.

Correct other Turkish answer accepted by Duo without using -bir.

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