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"He comes and she comes. They come."

Translation:Tagann sé agus tagann sí. Tagann siad.

May 5, 2015



Not to be prurient, but since the allusion has already been made...would this in fact be the expression used in a sexual context, or would it refer only to a more mundane physical destination?



From the Foclóir entry, I'd say the innuendo also works in Irish.


I haven't seen a third person plural synthetic form (tagaid) before. Is it unique to tagann, or only extant for a group of high-frequency verbs, or a general pattern?


It's not unique to tar. Nowadays it's primarily a feature of Munster Irish, which makes more extensive use of synthetic forms. You can see more examples at Réimnigh.


No, this is a form not used much nowadays. The same for tagair = tagan tu.


Ok whats with the glitch my answer was marked wrong but it was exactly the same as their correction


Sentence Discussions are a user-to-user forum. Nobody reading your comment has any way of knowing what you submitted. If you think that Duolingo is malfunctioning, take a screenshot that demonstrates the problem and submit a bug report.


Is is the abreviated form of agus and should be accepted.


I am told I have a typo in spite the fact that I didn't type anything. I just chose from their words


Wtf...five times i have the same answer as the one that you silly program says is right.....how in the world am i supposed to fix that?oh i know.... delete my account

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