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  5. "Bist du aus Stahl?"

"Bist du aus Stahl?"

Translation:Are you made of steel?

September 20, 2013

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I thought "Are you of steel?" was also correct, but it wasn't accepted. What is the opinion of a native English speaker about this? :D (Thanks in advance!)


Most native English speakers would probably understand "Are you of steel?" or "The chair is of wood", but they're more than a little weird. "Made of ___" is the most common way to indicate the material(s) of something.


What about 'are you out of steel'? Thanks in advance :-D


That's a perfectly fine sentence, but the meaning is different. :-)

"Are you out of steel/wood/those/this?" is a question asking if someone does not have any more of something.

For example, after finding a friend's bathroom lacking, you might ask: "are you out of toilet paper?" Your friend might jokingly reply literally instead of telling you where there's more, though - "do you have any more toilet paper?" is a more direct sentence. More commonly, while making a shopping list, you might ask your roommate: "are we out of vanilla?"

It's a bit harder to think of an example for "are you out of steel", but it could happen at a building supply store or lumber yard.


what if i were to say "are you made out of steel?"? would it be wrong?


Are you made out of steel is correct English.

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