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Change time zone

I would like to change my time zone to UTC-3.

May 5, 2015



As per the Duolingo wiki page, this seems possible.

The time zone Duolingo judges your streak by is initially set to the time zone you were in when you created your account. There is no way to change this time zone using the website, so if you only use the website and you move to a different time zone your "streak midnight" might not match your local midnight. Doing activity on one of the mobile apps, however, will automatically update your streak time zone to your device's current one.



Funnily enough my time zone is somehow set to Jakarta, which I couldn't even point to on the map, let alone register my account there. Having the 'streak' reset in the middle of the working day is not making this learning experience any easier.


My IOS app has not updated the time zone to the one on my phone.


Neither has my Windows Phone app.


Ditto! I play with the iOS app almost daily and it has never updated.


In that case, until this feature is added: is there an easy way of determining your "streak midnight"?


If you have enabled the Daily Goal, that should tell you how many hours of day left for you to meet the daily goal. The streak mid-night is usually the mid-night in the timezone in which the account was opened. You can check it by doing a search for timezone here https://www.duolingo.com/users/deepPlay.


And still nothing...

I know this service is for free and this feature might be harder to implement than it might seem, but it would be nice to get at least some explanation why changing time zone is not possible.

I am in a different time zone for almost 4 months and I do use the mobile app and yet my account's time zone is still 6 hours ahead!


I suspect it's not possible because A. they didn't plan for it or B. they thought it might be abused by people changing the timezone just to "cheat" and save a streak. If the reason is B they could set a limit of how frequently timezones can be changed (perhaps only once or twice a year) and then everyone who has been accidentally set up with the wrong timezone or who has moved to a new timezone would still have a chance to fix it. Crossing my fingers this gets resolved in the future!


I would also very much like this feature. I just moved time zones by 8 hours and would really love to update my 'streak midnight' to match actual midnight! I've tried the mobile app fix but so far it hasn't worked for me.


Ditto, I moved somewhere with 10+ hour difference than where I signed up, it's hard to keep track of whether or not I played "today" and makes it hard to keep a streak up :(


I only joined up 2 days ago, in Australia, but my timezone is set to central USA time. Joined on a PC. Nothing unusual. So my streak midnight is 2pm locally....


My daughter created her account in Pacific time zone and has never been anywhere else, and it set it to the wrong time zone. Her "midnight" is our 9 pm.


Yep. Can confirm that this is still a problem. My students signed up for accounts in class this morning, but their duolingo times are two hours off our clock.


Try logging in from an Android device. As indicated on their help page listed below Android devices automatically update your time zone (for some mystical and unexplained reason). I had a similar issue when I moved from East Coast to West Coast. Borrowed a friends Android phone to log in and it updated my time zone to LA.



I registered for Duolingo in the United States almost three years ago and then moved to Japan last year. I play both on the computer and with the app on my iPhone but the time has never updated... I see here perhaps I need an Android phone?

I would love to be able to change the timezone freely!! If they are worried about people changing the timezone just to "cheat" and save a streak they could set a limit of how frequently timezones can be changed (perhaps only once or twice a year).

With a 10+ hour time difference it can be hard to keep track of whether or not I played "today" yet :( I try to play during lunch breaks but sometimes that ends up counting for the previous day and has lead to me frequently missing days. Having a long streak definitely builds up my "addiction" to practicing and I'd love to be able to maintain it!


I am having timezone problems, too. Duo thinks it's midnight when it's only 11 PM, so I have lost my streak several times now by doing my practice an hour before midnight.

Very frustrating that Duo offers no way to reset this, especially considering that my computer has NEVER been in another time zone since I took up Duolingo! There's absolutely no way it should be confused about what what time zone I'm in.



Logging into the app on an Android device will cause your time zone to be automatically updated.


Sadly, not an option. Students have chromebooks (or PC laptops) at our school. Still, if it works on some devices, can we not get a fix? All these other devices have built-in clocks. I wouldn't even mind a "choose your time zone" at the sign-up process. I'm just saying, it's a hassle.


Can anyone confirm: if we login with an Android device once will the timezone be changed permanently? Or only temporarily?


I lost my streak when travelling to the US because I usually play on the computer (which is in time zone UTC+1) then played on my Android phone (which updated the time zone automatically to UTC-5); so while I was actually playing on the next day in reality that was the same day for the system. Checking my account I see that I have met my daily goal all of the last seven days and am on a 1 day streak. Too bad.


DL on my android tablet and my laptop give my day as finishing at midnight (tablet) or 04.00 a.m. (laptop)!!! I use both for DL. The tablet give the correct time for the day change. The laptop is set on the correct time zone and I have never left this time zone so I do not understand why DL gives the wrong time for the end of the day with my laptop. I have not played around with the time zone settings on my laptop. The sound is temperamental on the tablet in DL so that normally it does not give any pronunciations though it does give the little musical tunes for achieving something. Thus I use the laptop most. How do you think I can get them to work to both the same time, which I would want to be the time on my tablet? Edit: now they are both again at 04.00 am as the start of the day. Why!!


For the last week or two the DL day has changed back to ending at 24.00 hours, midnight. I did nothing to make it do this. I do hope that it stays at this and doesn't randomly change again.


On holiday in Indonesia (I live in the UK). My phone and my computer spent about two weeks showing different "midnights" - the phone reset to local time but the computer remained on UK time. As a result my phone showed me missing a day when the I had successfully completed the daily goal on the computer, which makes no sense.

I had read elsewhere that you always remained in the time zone where you had first started using Duo, so I assumed the computer was correct, but after several days that changed - so the computer is now showing that I missed a day when previously it had shown that I had achieved the daily goal that day. I had a streak freeze in place, but it is ridiculous if it shows you have completed a day successfully and then changes its mind later.

To compound this, a few days later it registered a completed day and then lost the second exercise, now showing that day as incomplete. In both cases I had a streak freeze in place, but it doesn't help.


I wish I could change it just because I often do Duolingo around midnight, which means that I can lose my streak if I finish practicing at 11:59 one day and start at 12:01 the next day.

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