"She is his second wife."

Translation:C'est sa seconde femme.

December 23, 2012

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Why can't I use Elle instead of C'est?


Accepted as of 30/11/14 :)


The question is: "elle est sa seconde femme" correct or not correct?


See Sitesurf's reply to Dellemonty.


Correct, but in French they say deuxième (or deuxiem) instead of seconde


When you have translated 250 sentences introduced by "c'est..." or "ce sont..." you won't ask the question again... Duo loves this French way of introducing sentences, apparently.


apparently C'est can mean just about anything, so frustrating


No, not "anything", there are rules.

In French, "c'est" (sing.) and "ce sont" (plural) are used in a large variety of expressions, when a pronoun (it, she, he, they) is subject of verb "être" and followed by a nominal group, ie: article (+ adjective) + noun. - it is + noun => c'est + article + noun - she is + noun => c'est + article + noun - he is + noun => c'est + article + noun - they are + noun => ce sont + article + noun

  • note that these rules are also valid for possessive or demonstrative adjectives.


Are 'second' and 'deuxième' interchangeable at any time?


"Second" tends to imply that there are only two. See "Seconde Guerre Mondiale", second world war: there are only two. "Deuxième" refers to the second one of two or three or 500. However, this is more of a tendency than a rule


Definitely needs to be revised to accept Elle!!! I even swapped out deuxième for the more current Duo seconde (which I personally find way too english....). Kind of hurt my feelings, this one.


I agree, when he/she/it is followed by a definite or demonstrative modifier + noun, both translations should be accepted:

  • she is a loyal wife = c'est une épouse/femme fidèle
  • she is the best at swimming = elle est la meilleure en natation OR c'est la meilleure en natation
  • she is his second wife = elle est sa seconde épouse/femme OR c'est sa seconde épouse/femme


what if i want to say she is the second wife OF the man


The man's second wife?


the second wife of this man. I wanted to see the use of "of" in this sentence.


It is more natural to use the possessive apostrophe after the owner. What you suggest is not grammatically wrong, but it is not the usual way to say it.


second (and the english word second) actually come from Latin (cf. Spanish segundo/a), not english.


Why can't I say, femme seconde?


second/deuxième are part of these adjectives that are placed in front of the noun.


Could this sentence also mean "she is her second wife" as you conjugate "sa" to the object?


can I say mariée instead of femme?


"une mariée" is a bride, so the word is valid only on the wedding day.

If you need a synonym for "sa femme", you can use "son épouse".

Note that "son épouse" uses "son", even though "épouse" is feminine, because of the vowel sound conflict between "sa" and any next word starting with a vowel sound.


How does 'She is his second wife' translate as 'C'est sa seconde femme' and 'Elle est sa seconde épouse', but not 'Elle est sa seconde femme'?


All variants and combinations thereof are possible:

  • c'est sa or elle est sa
  • seconde or deuxième
  • femme or épouse


That's weird. Duolingo marked Elle est sa seconde femme as being wrong.


C'est ça deuxième femme is better...because if he had a third or a forth wife it would have been troisième and quatrième femme which is more common...


Reminder: "ça" = that

his wife = sa femme

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