"There is too much milk."

Translation:Der er for meget mælk.

May 5, 2015

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How should meget be pronounced?


Would "Det er for meget mælk" work? It's obviously being marked wrong, but I'm wondering if det can be used this way in Danish. (I know in Norwegian which is very similar to Danish it could be something like "det er for mye melk", so I'm wondering if a similar structure would be acceptable to be used in Danish as well)


Yes, "Det er for meget mælk." is a common structure and definitely works in Danish as a translation for "It is too much milk."


My mum thinks this is wrong - mælk is common gender (mælken), so the adjective must agree, in which case it's 'megen': 'Der er for megen mælk'.


I think -et and -en aren't used for meget. That's what my danish friend told me, but I could be wrong. He said they used to be used some time ago but not anymore


Thanks for this, it's a while since she left Denmark :) I looked up 'megen' in Den Danske Ordbog and it is still there, but it seems it's optional. The only example given is: meget/megen tid - tid (time) being also common gender, just like milk.

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