"She is thinking of him."

Translation:Hun tænker på ham.

May 5, 2015

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Why not 'hun tænker om ham'

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    at tænke om means to think of/about in the sense of having an opinion about something.

    • What do you think about our new proposal? = Hvad tænker(/synes) du om vores nye forslag.

    • What do you think about him? = Hvad tænker(/synes) du om ham?

    at tænke på means to think of/about in the sense of having something on one's mind or considering something

    • How often do you think about your ex? = Hvor ofte tænker du på din eks?

    • I'm thinking about going for a walk tonight. = Jeg tænker på at gå en tur i aften.

    • He always thinks about food. = Han tænker altid på mad.

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      Why ''tror'' is wrong?


      That basically means "believe", and is also used for "think" in the sense of "have an opinion" ("I think that she is pretty") -- but not when "think" means "ponder in your thoughts" ("you'll have to think of an answer quickly!" or "she is thinking of me").

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        Thank you.


        Why not af ham


        eller 'hun står og tænker på ham'

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