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"The vegetarian eats the banana."

Translation:Itheann an veigeatóir an banana.

May 5, 2015



Was about to press on "Itheann an veigeatóir an veigeatóir" too, just for the hell of it XD


I guess that technically a banana is a vegetarian, since it doesn't eat meat.


Its driving me nuts to know the words but not get the spelling right. Gaelic vegetarian feels so... French?


"Veigeatoir" doesn't sound right to me. It sounds a bit makety upity from "Bearla". I am sure if you said it in the Gaeltacht they would understand it, but surely "feoilseantoir" (couple of fadas in there) would be much better Irish


Does it concern you that "vegetarian" is a made up word in English? Are makety upity words OK in English, but not in Irish?

feoilséantóir is a religious term, describing people who avoided meat as a penance, and it long predates the modern concept of vegetarianism. Many Irish speaking vegetarians (including those in the Gaeltacht), don't consider their vegetarianism to be a penance, and therefore prefer not to use that negative term, and prefer the positive term veigeatóir, which focuses on what they choose to do, rather on want they choose to avoid.


Fun fact: when you order vegetarian piroggi (sorta like ravioli) in the Polish town of Krakow, they bring you... piroggi filled with fish:D I guess the reasoning is that people only don't eat mammals' meat when they are in penance, so they must eat fish!

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