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Why I didn't win lingots when I competed about 10 offensive's days

Early I won 1 lingot for each 10 offensive's days. But when I completed 90 and 100 days, nothing has happened. Somebody knows if is it a problem or if the system was changed?

May 5, 2015

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I never had a hundred continuous days studing. You are a very good student! Congratulations.


for serving lingots?


Yes man, for example, today I've achieved 110 offensive's days, early I would have to win 11 lingots. But this resource is not more available.


Hi, dear Tico. I think the problem is just because Duo plataform, just that. Sometimes, there are a thousands people using Duo, in the same day, in the same time, see? I think that is the problem. Hope helped. See you!

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