"My village is very unique."

Translation:Min landsby er meget speciel.

May 5, 2015

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There is no such thing as "very" unique. It is either unique or not. Bad grammar folks! ( A bit like being partly pregnant )

[deactivated user]

    The meaning of many words has changed or expanded over time. That is how language works and how it has always worked. You will find plenty of words in your vocabulary that once meant something completely different. Language is fluent, which is what makes it so interesting!

    Nowadays, 'unique' is used to mean 'rare' or 'special' by a vast majority of English speakers, and when that's the case, the word has by definition changed it's meaning.

    My guess is that the expression one of a kind has taken over the old meaning of unique. Just look at this graph of the use of one of a kind over time.


    Interesting that 'Unique' has not been replaced, but has the same kind of curve as 'one of a kind', whereas 'special' which would be more correct in the context, has gone down. I'm just a grammar nerd, there are a lot of us... As a linguist, I am aware that language is a dynamic thing. It is a matter of saying what you mean, I think.

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