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  5. 16 Lingots for 160 Day Streak


16 Lingots for 160 Day Streak

Just thought people would like to know that's one way of getting some extra lingots. :D

September 20, 2013



Just you wait :)



I dont think you should only get 16 lingots.. If you want a 160 day streak then it should be 25 lingots. I mean thats almost half a year streak...


I don't know...now that the system is in place, someone going on a streak will receive more lingots for that streak every 10 days. With a 160 day streak, the DuoLingo user will have received a total of

1 (for the 1st 10 days) +2 (for the second 10 days, etc.) +3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14+15+16 = 136 lingots,

not just the 16 lingots received at the 160 day benchmark. Therefore, if someone is really interested in collecting lingots, that looks to me like a great incentive to keep a streak going!


Yep, they can really accumulate quickly. Let's say a new user starts learning Spanish today and 200 days from now she has completed the tree, has a 200 day streak, and has reached level 25. This user would have earned 128 lingots for completing the 64 skills, 210 lingots for maintaining a streak for 200 days ([20*21]/2), 325 lingots for reaching level 25 ([25*26]/2). If she wagered 5 lingots on her streak each 7 days, she'd add an additional 140, bringing the grand total to 802 without even considering the possibility of earning other points for finishing lessons and practices with full hearts or for inviting friends.

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One nitpick: You only receive 324 lingots for reaching levels 2–25, since you don't get a lingot reaching level 1, where you start!


You're right, good catch. I'm annoyed that I missed that hahah. I'm surprised that it went unnoticed for this long!

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I was just thinking about the number of lingots one would earn for all levels, and did a Google search for "324 lingots" Duolingo. I got few good hits, so I tried "325 lingots" Duolingo, thinking that people might have forgotten NOT to count the first level, and indeed I got more relevant hits!

I just gave you a lingot for reaching level 1, so now your original is correct!


I chewed up my initial Lingots fairly quickly, but now, I'm stacking them up rapidly. Here's just another way to stack up Lingots. .... We really need more ways to spend them.

Although nowhere as impressive as 16 Lingots for Ziggkogg, I will be getting 7 Lingots in 2 days. GEEZ.


Nice! I'm only at 2 weeks right now. But I'll get there, I have no doubt!


Yeah, how does these lingots for streak work? It is for the top streak of all languages or every language has their own lingots for own streak?


You get lingots for streaks when you've been on a streak for a multiple of 10 days (so 10 days, 20 days, 160 days). The number of lingots you earn is the number of tens in the streak. So for 10 days, 1 lingot. 20 days = 2 lingots. 160 days = 16 lingots.


Yes, I understand that :) But is it counting for every language separetely or just for the main streak?


are you not giving lingots for 100 day streaks anymore?


I had been recieving lingots for every 10 days on a streak but didn't at 120 days.


I'm at a 190 streak and I didn't get lingots for the 180 or the 190 day streak.


Looks like they quit quit. Search "Lingots for streak".

[deactivated user]

    I also didn't get lingots for 180 or 190.

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