"Hvordan vil I stoppe dem?"

Translation:How will you stop them?

May 5, 2015

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Making me want to shoot myself....nice dansk! This. I. Is it plural like you all as they say in the south or is it just grammatical instead of dig ?
And dont worry-if you didnt like my first statement i live in new jersey unlike alot of america its hard to get a gun, i will just misuse alcohol.


Yes, the Danish "I" is the plural you (all). Regarding "dig": English "for you (all)" is Danish "til jer". English "for you" (singular) is Danish "til dig". You are -> du er. You (all) are -> I er.


Seeing the ā€˜Iā€™ word keeps confusing me. I frequently translate it I (meaning me, myself) and not as you. So much in Danish is like English (particularly Shakespeare), or Scottish.


How does sentence change if I eliminate vil, "Hvordan stoppe I dem?"

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