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  5. "Vi spiser klokken seks."

"Vi spiser klokken seks."

Translation:We are eating at six o'clock.

May 5, 2015



Vi spiser kl seks


Is kl a common abbreviation of klokken?


yeah it is! Here in Denmark "kl." it is used all the time when talking about time.


Why is there no preposition before "klokken seks" like "på" eller "i"? It makes me confused.


We eat at 6:00. This should be acceptable. 6:00 is six o'clock. Codewritertom pointed this out below but it still hasn't been added to the acceptable answers. I reported it.


Danes tend to use 24 hour time, don't they? (Atten?)


Now that I've lived in Denmark for four months, I'll clarify based on what I have observed. Yes, they do use 24-hour time on clocks, microwaves, computers, and so on, but in day to day speech, they use 12 hour. When the 12-hour time is ambiguous, they can add 'i morgen', or 'i aften' to the end to be clear they mean in the morning, or in the evening. In this case, the answer would become "Vi spiser klokken seks [i aften]."


I thought "i morgen" was tomorrow and "i aften" was tonight. And "in the morning" was "om morgen" and "in the afternoon" was "om eftermiddag"

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