Lost streak

I had a streak of eight days, I've just practiced german and now I lost my streak + I also lost my streak freeze from the shop

September 20, 2013


Hi! Thanks for reporting. We gave you back your lingots and streak. We're getting this fixed. Sorry about that!

Hei! Same thing happened to me :( I did get the streak freeze in store and didn't practice anything yesterday. So today my streak is 0 and streak freeze I bought is gone. Can you fix this please?

8 days ago I lost my streak of around 80. I missed a day, but I had "Streak Freeze" equipped. The next day my streak was at zero, and Streak Freeze was no longer equipped. I see that Feja 737 had the same problem. When you get this fixed, will you restore all our streaks to the old value plus what we have built up since we lost the streak?

Hi, I have the same problem - yesterday I wasn't able to play with duo, but I was pretty sure i was eqipped with streak freeze. But today it's zero and no freeze. I was so proud of my 70-day's streak!

Don't worry they will fix it. This is probably an issue with streak freeze. Currently we can see in discussion that your streak is 1. But if you go to your profile and hover with the mouse over the streak icon you will see that your streak is actually 9 days. Also I suggest that you press edit and switch this discussion to troubleshooting sections where it belongs.

Same happened to me. In my weekly progress it shows that I have collected points for the past six days but my streak only shows 2. And I didn't use streak freeze...

Parece que os habéis equivocado con la calculación de los "streaks". Hace cuatro días empezó de uno (a pesar de no tener ninguna interrupción). !Espero la corrección!

Hello, I had a streak of almost 20 days, and I practiced using my mobile phone in offline mode. When I look now it transferred my offline work from Wednesday to Thursday, so I lost my streak because of this. Can if be fixed?

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