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Flashcards Repeating the same words

In every flashcard session I've done for a while now the word "cadeau" has come up without fail. As of today the words ciel, aime, etait, and souhaite all come up as well every time I hit the Review Flashcards button. Is there any way I can sort that out? They don't seem to get stronger regardless of how many times they get reviewed.

May 5, 2015



I see the same behaviour in my Italian lessons. I actually get the same flash cards over and over again, and the algorithm does not mark them as refreshed.


We've created an official announcement about flashcards here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8473143

It looks like others have been having issues similar to yours. I'll look into this issue as quickly as possible. Thanks!


Thanks for the heads the up!


We believe we have fixed the issue that was causing your flashcards to repeat regardless of whether you answered "I was right" or "I was wrong." We've also made an update to the original announcement. Thanks for you patience, and good luck with your learning!


This issue has not been resolved me for me, learning German. There's only a couple of new words added each set of flash cards; the rest are repeats.


Same here. I'm getting the same words in the same order every time I do flashcards.


Update: It's now fixed for me.


I'm also seeing the same repeated words in Spanish.


I'm getting this now! German. Sessions started varied, and over the last few days have become more and more similar each time, until now when they're identical each time, despite refreshing. Also, this feature would be awesome in the app.. Why hasn't it been included? Simple tapping with no typing..

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