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Exercises do not load.

Hello, I just updated Java and Flash, I am using Windows7 and operating in Chrome. Everything on Duolingo loads except the actual exercises, where 'Skip' is also a dead link and so is the 'x' to exit the exercise. No questions or prompts come up when I click on, for example, 'Basic 1' or 'Strengthen Skill'. Ideas?

May 5, 2015



I was able to advance through most of the basic Spanish lessons up to and including 'Plurals" but am unable to move on to the 'Possessions" lesson or other more advanced lessons. How do I access those more advanced lessons??? Barry


Try clearing your cache/history

Try a different browser like Firefox


Hi there, thanks for responding. Clearing out my cache/history (since the beginning of time) didn't fix the issue. Firefox also doesn't act any differently.


I have the same problem with my Turkish course. I am on Level 6 now, completed Ablatives and cannot move further because all links are dead. Does Duo have any customer service to address the users' problems?


I can't seem to find any direct Duolingo HELP option to try to find a solution to load more advanced lessons/exercises. Maybe they don't have them developed yet and available to offer to us???

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