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"La zuppa ai funghi ha un gusto strano."

Translation:The mushroom soup has a strange taste.

September 20, 2013



Famous last words...


Per favore non mangiarla!


Why is this "la zuppa ai funghi" and not "la zuppa di/degli funghi"?


Do you remember " la crema al cioccolato? " a+il = al "la zuppa ai funghi " a+i = ai


But what if you're talking about only one bowl of soup, wouldn't it be "al" instead of "ai"?


The "ai" refers to the mushrooms.


surely 'ai funghi' is plural?


Correct, but plural rules differ between the languages. I.e. sometimes Italian will use a plural in a place that English would use singular. This is such a case: you must change the number when translating; it is the only option. ("Mushrooms soup" is grammatically incorrect, as is "zuppa al fungo".)


My translation: "The mushroom soup tastes strange." seems to be another example of DL wanting literal rather than colloquial translations. Does it grate a bit when such a simple sentence is not accepted? My head immediately said to translate it that way rather than the DL accepted way. Does anyone else have a feeling that the simpler translating becomes the more DL tries to fool you? Maybe it's just me...


I have the same issue. "The mushroom soup tastes strange " is what a normal person would say.


I made the same "wrong" but more natural, idiomatic answer. It makes me wonder what learning English with Duolingo is really worth.


why is the definite article necessary in the translation? why is not the generalization that "mushroom soup has a strange taste" acceptable? i can see someone who had never had it before making such a comment -


The original sentence with the article included is more appropriate for a situation where a place has a menu or a variety of different foods and one has tried the mushroom soup specifically. Dropping the article, then we would be talking about mushroom soup in general and it would have to be removed from the original sentence too. It is one instance where the translation doesn't work unless the article is translated as well.


I have the same question! How would one know the difference?


I have the same question too. Would this have the double of 'mushroom soup in general tastes weird' and 'this specific mushroom soup tastes weird'?

I understood it to have the broader/general meaning.


DL, by now we have been tested far too much by this same ol' same ol' sentence. Please change it up to make it more interesting, please.


Uh, yeah, those were psilocybin mushrooms....


Please, "the mushroom soup tastes strange' is fine!


No wonder! You ask so many times about this soup. It must have stood here for quite a time. Why don't you make a new one?


The mushroom soup tastes strange is the way REAL PEOPLE speak


Why is it zuppa ai funghi whereas tomato soup is zuppa al pomodoro? i. e. singular tomato but plural mushroom


Sometimes the answer is 'because that's the way they do it'


the mushrooms soup tastes strange..........?


Well, I noticed the word funghi is plural, even I thought I need it in singular in the translation, .....at the end I was wrong


What the ... that's my favorite!


Don, don don-n-n-n


...yes... we know...we 'made' it (ominous music in the background)

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