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Hiding Someone's Post From Your Stream

Could you guys make some way to hide people's posts and such from your stream while still following them and remaining their friend? For example, I enjoy following Luis because of his updates and helpful posts; however, he is so active on the site (obviously) that I can never see anyone else's posts. So, I need some way to hide most of his posts (no offense Luis!).

September 20, 2013



I agree, It would be great to have some filters for the stream.

small list of useful filters :

  1. show only comments
  2. show comments from a specific language section
  3. show comments of a specific user in a language section


This may or may not work for you. But, if you click on "View your profile" and then look at your stream. This only shows actually comments on your stream, so it removes all of Luis's stream. It also removes your other followers, too.

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