"O vestido é absolutamente lindo."

Translation:The dress is absolutely gorgeous.

September 20, 2013

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The dress is absolutely lovely should be accepted, given how many meanings lindo has


Wondering if there are rules for when adverbs proceed or follow verbs. Could you say, "O vestido é lindo absolutamente."


Adverbs are usually placed at the beginning of the sentence or before the verb. It would not sound natural.


does 'lindo' apply to people or just objects? also, same question for 'graça'


Yes, both apply to people as well :)


How does "bonito/bonita" compare with "lindo/linda" and "graça"?


lindo(a) is much more emphatic! Bonito(a) means beautiful, cute. Graça is used in a more funny context, or to mean cute too.


pronunciation again... "vestido é abso..." sounds like "vestidéabso..." or even "vestidabso". My question is : is she speaking so fast that she eats vowels, is it common in Brazil to eat the last vowel when there is a vowel starting the next word ? And in the present case, is it usual to eat the last vowel of one word, to eat the 2nd word which is a lone vowel, and only pronounce the first vowel of the third word ?

Thanks for the answer :)


O at the end of a word sounds like oo in English. So you have /oo ves-chee-doo é/


yes, that I am clear about. My question is more about the vowel eating she seems to practice quite often...


Yes, sometimes you like them and the pronunciation is so weak that they may disappear! =)


so you mean that someone who enunciates well and had lunch before speaking might actually pronounce all the letters ?


:-) yes, but like in English, when someone speaks fast he usually eats letters =) it is common! =)


I can't reply below so I sneak in here... in english we eat letters, yes, but I think it doesn't prevent someone from understanding the meaning because the end of the words does not give the gender....

one exception (in my experience) : irish speaking persons which accent + enunciation is the ultimate understanding english test :)

[deactivated user]

    I wrote "lovely" - is that really so wrong??


    Pulleessee adjust it to accept "Lovely"!


    I reported the weird pronunciation.

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