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"Io mangio il manzo, lui mangia il maiale."

Translation:I eat beef, he eats pork.

December 23, 2012



DL is very inconsistent about whether their translations inclide articles like 'the'.


Agree. It is even more unnerving for me, being native polish speaker, but learning italian from english, since there is no italian course for polish speaker. We in polish don't have the "the, a, an, la le, il" stuff, so sometimes it makes no sense, when I have to translate "il pollo" but don't have THE button, and sometimes I am being rated WRONG for not using the "the" word. I suspect i could get by by not using them except when they are really necessary.


Exactly, is there any rule anyway?


Agree, this is incorrect. Students would stop using DL if this happened all the time.


I agree completely!


There's only a "pig" dictionary hint for "maiale", there should be a "pork" one.


Ciao Tiago: Remember, they are only hints. You should not rely on them.


The correct word should be in the definition provided, regardless of how a person uses it


They are only hints. The ideal is to be able to reason the correct answer. Sometimes it bothers me but only until I realize it is part of the learning process. I feel good when I get it right on my own.


damn, i was under the impression that english was fairly unique in having different words for animals and the meat that comes from animals, although now I think about it French has both "porc" and "jambon" among others.


In Japanese, a bovine animal is an ushi, but beef is (Sino-Japanese) gyuu-niku.


So it means it is possible to say just "maiale" instead of "carne di maiale" when you talk about pork, right?


I too am now confused about the translation. One sentence earlier that we were given to translate was:

"la carne di maiale" = the pork

and here

"il maiale" = the pork

Is there a rule to distinguish when to use one or the other form?


It can be a bit hard to explain, but I'll try. When speaking about eating, you can say "maiale", since noone will actually imagine you eating a live pig. Altough "io mangio la carne di maiale" wouldn't be wrong, it says the same thing as "io mangio il maiale". "carne di maiale" may be useful when speaking about the pig's meat itself, outside of an "eating context". Like, on casual conversation, "pig's meat has a lot of blood". If you just say "maiale", you're saying pigs have a lot of blood (which is true, but not the point). If you say "carne di maiale", it's clear as day that you're speaking about the pig's meat.


Indeed. That makes sense and will be easy to remember. Thanks.


That does make it clear indeed and I thank you.


carne di maiale = pork meat


isn't "Io mangio manzo, lui mangia maiale. " enough? do i realy need to use 'il'?


I don't know about anyone else, but when trying to say maiale quickly, I really butcher it. (No pun intended.)


I wrote "I eat the beef, he eats the pork" which was not accepted. Why? I assumed that this was a choice - I chose to eat the beef and he chose to eat the pork


DL is frequently inconsistent on whether articles are/aren't required. Their software should accept either in the absence of a definitive rule


Il applies to the beef and pork. I think i was right and marked wrong


Whytranslation is whithout definit artcles, in origin are used definit articles?


i wanna know how to say bacon =D


grazie! =D Io mangio pancetta tutto il giorno! Io amo pancetta! pancetta è il migliore!


i am an indian muslim and i condemn this sentence


sometimes you want us to transalete the article "IL" and this time not . There is no consistancy ! The transalation makes better sense BUT you have trained me to include the article which is not what americans do


There wasnt a he


My answer is correct,but keep saying it's wrong


So far these lessons have not made it clear when you must use articles such as "the" and when you can skip them. In this exercise, an article was used but the "correct" answer does not use it. The exercises seem very inconsistent.


The appalling diction is driving me nuts


pork is pig meat


yes, and it is total yum. i am jealous of lui


Because I'm Jewish and he is a goy


What's the difference between "Steak" and "Beef"?


Hi johans2103, a steak is a meat generally sliced perpendicular to the muscle fibers, potentially including a bone. When the word "steak" is used without qualification, it generally refers to a beefsteak. In a larger sense, there are also fish steaks, ground meat steaks, pork steak and many more varieties.

(Source: Wikipedia)


Thank you Deninho.


You're welcome in Italian would be: “prego” but you can also say “di niente”, “di nulla”, “non c’è di che”, “figurati” or in polite way: (LEI) “si figuri”. Just a small private lesson. :)

Have a nice day and enjoy learning, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful-sounding languages in the world.


Italian? it's the best sounding language in my opinion, and grazie per la vostra aiuta.


Hi bro, don't get me wrong, just a small hint for you. In your reply: "la vostra aiuta" you've made 2 mistakes:

1st: it's - L'AIUTO - masculine noun http://www.wordreference.com/iten/aiuto

2nd: since I'm alone here and not a group of people or at least 2 persons, you can't use "VOSTRO/A/E/I"; instead you should use "TUO/A/E/I" (friendly way - friends, relatives, people you know very well) or "SUO/A/E/I" (polite way - elderly people, your boss, professors, doctors, people you don't know)

So the correct sentence should be: "Grazie per il tuo (Suo) aiuto."

Hope this helps. :)


sounds like lui got the better end of the deal


I prefer both since they are good with the right seasonings.


Perfetto. Preferisco manzo in questo caso. Ma come sei dice carne di cavallo?

[deactivated user]

    Carne di cavallo.


    It has been so helpful reading through most contributions; just like have a private teacher


    You can not see what you are typing in after the first line


    I thought " io mangio il manzo....." means " I eat the beef...."


    Does it shouldn't be "the pork" cause it's written "il maiale" I'm getting it wrong. DL says it should be pork only and not the pork


    Issue with the exe ise


    what is the difference between "manzo" and "carne"?


    I'm stuck with this one, one hint is missing, already reported bit weeelp


    Meat and beef are interchangeables


    Why does the Italian version have an article, but English one - doesn't?


    The beef, the pork. What nonsense


    Meat and beef same thing to me


    Duolingo requested "pig" to a previous question and now translates to "pork" as I did previously. Inconsistent.


    An obvious typo, and i lose a heart!


    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. i have done this scentince 10000000 times and i am not getting it write

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