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Doesn't everyone want to learn a language?

I mean if you go to France, and you don't know the language they are not nice. In Italy, it is rare to find a person that speaks English. So learn more German, Italian, French,Spanish, Portagesse and lots of languages.


September 20, 2013



Yes, it is nice to learn languages, but in my personal opinion I will never learn all the languages of the countries I visited (or will visit). Look at Europe - it really doesn't end with France, England, Germany and Spain. There are many places to see and almost every country has own language.

But I think learning few phrases before going to some countries is not only helpful but also show kind of the respect and openess to new culture. What do you think?

And it is a pity that a lot of people don't want to learn languages like English to communicate easier.


I definitely want to learn more languages! My main focus right now is to learn Italian. I agree, many French people are rather unfriendly when they know that you don't know their language.



Some people commented on Reddit the other day it is not all France it is Paris where you face a higher incidence of rudeness and they are still rude even if you know French.


Except for older Alsatians. They love to speak German!


I think that whole 'rude French people' thing is a stereotype. I can't say for certain because i have never been there. It probably does exsist, mostly from Parisians though. That is just the result of them being in the capital city. Here in the UK we have basically the same stereotype about Londoners. Also not many people in the UK can speak any other languages. France and Italy are not the only countries that only know their own language. Many UK people really dislike people who come to the UK and can't speak English. Our mild mannered stereotype is like all stereotypes not completely true.

Knowing the language certainly would enhance any trip to a foreign country, you also learn about other cultures and stuff. Learning languages is good.


I have to disagree with your motivation: I love learning languages because it's a great way to exercise the brain and I find it fascinating to think in different languages. But I'm sure as Hell not going to learn another language just because people in France or Italy can't be bothered to even learn some basic English.


As long as you don't visit France or Italy, that's perfectly fine. But expecting people in their home country to speak YOUR language just because YOU can't be bothered is pretty snooty.


English isn't really my language (not my first anyway, I'm Dutch). And I would expect people in Europe (especially the young and high educated) to at least have a basic grasp of English, as it is the world language that connects us. Of course there's nothing morally wrong with not learning it, but I'm simply astonished by how poorly people speak English in countries like France and Spain.


...but I'm simply astonished by how poorly people speak English in countries like France and Spain

I'm more astonished at how poorly people speak English in Canada and the U.S.


Well, it's a question whether they want to connect. If you go to France, I'd expect you to want to talk to people there. French people staying in France all their lives don't have as much reason to learn another language.

Young people often know English because they read in English forums, but being able to read and write doesn't give you much praxis in talking, so they probably still prefer to talk French. Anyway, if I visit another country I am glad to get around with English, but I don't feel the locals owe me to understand it. I will definitely have some translation guide with me, as I feel it's much more polite to at least try to speak their language.


No, not everyone wants to learn a new language. Some people are really frustrated with how they're expected to learn English as a foreign language if they want to have a job... and there are people who speak more than one language who discourage others from doing the same.

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