"Lei ha un tacchino."

Translation:She has a turkey.

December 23, 2012

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Apparently I am not alone here, Yes it does sound like it says "UNA" not "UN".


Correct. Very frustraing.


Agreed. I thought she said una instead of un.


I agree as well - definitely unA not un.


With normal speed she says "Lei ME ha...", and on slow speed she clearly says "una" instead of "un"


Yeah, I notice that on slow speeds UN sounds like UNA. And, I've also noticed in those spots where you tap the words one at a time, L' sounds like LA. Odd quirk of the audio....


Can anyone tell me why 'gobbler' comes up as a definition of tacchino...?


Because a "gobbler" is a male turkey. Apparently, there's lots of gender-specific names for animals in English:

  • cock and hen for chickens;
  • cob and pen for swans;
  • stallion / gelding (depending on if it can reproduce) and mare for horses
  • ...


Maybe but I wrote "she has a gobbler" and it corrected me saying the answer is turkey.


I have noticed that DuoLingo usually wants the top definition and for different sentences sometimes a different word from the word's list appears on top. In this case, although the word can mean gobbler, I would go with the more general term unless I knew for sure that her turkey was a live male turkey.


This is correct. I am an avid wild turkey hunter and only the males "gobble" (commonly heard during the Spring mating season), so males are often called "gobblers". Mature males are also referred to as "toms" or "longbeards". Young males are called "jakes" and females are "hens". Very young turkeys are called "poults" instead of "chicks". These are common terms used by hunters and biologists but the average American doesn't typically know them.


maybe it's another word for turkey. They're usually said to make a "gobble gobble" sound


This is another sentence that might have been better located in the "animal" section. In English we say "She has turkey" (no article) when a person is eating turkey. She has "a" turkey would imply she lives on a farm (or is violating the zoning ordinances in her city).


technically we should know that it is in fact un tacchino, but she definitely did say una. They need to work on the audio


it sounds like 'she is a (female) turkey'...lei e una tacchino, which wouldn't make sense anyway

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