Thank you!

I want to say thank you to Myra, Kristine, Vivian, André, Chuck and everyone else at the summit for contributing to not only an amazing event, but also a great birthday celebration! I was thanked for coming on my birthday and people were amazed that I would spend it this way, but I don’t think I would have had a better time otherwise. I got to spend it with good people in a country I love visiting, all while discussing languages and language learning (and drinking some champagne ;) ). There's such a great community of language learners and contributors on Duolingo and I'm really glad I could meet some of them.

Not to mention the highlight:

A polyglot birthday card!

“Happy Birthday” in 17 or 18 languages :)

My attempt at thanks in all of them:

Dankon! Obrigado! Merci ! ¡Gracias! Go raibh maith agaibh! Спасибо! Dank jullie wel! Danke! どうも有難う! Takk! Tack! Спасибі! धन्यवाद्! Díky! Cảm ơn! شكر! Mersi!

I think that’s all.

<h1>Thank you!</h1>
May 5, 2015


Haha, so could you name the 17 or 18 languages, Kai? ;)

Don't let us down!
You can do it! ⁀⊙﹏☉⁀


  1. Esperanto 2. Portuguese 3. French 4. Spanish 5. Irish 6. Russian 7. Dutch 8. German 9. Japanese 10. Norwegian 11. Swedish 12 Ukrainian 13. Hindi 14. Czech 15. Vietnamese 16. Arabic (which I couldn't get to go from right to left...) 17. Romanian 18. English!

you forgot Turkish :( and we even added 3 versions in Turkish

Oh, sorry :(

I definitely planned on adding it, and I thought I did...

Well, here are three versions of my personal thanks:

Teşekkür ederim! Teşekkürler! Sağ olun! :)

Respect on the 3 responses!

Impressive there :P

Hehe, I remember when I got it, I saw that all the wishes were in English and I was like, "I can't let this happen!" and wrote the Esperanto wishes at the upper left. :-D :-D Glad to see that got the multilingual snowball rolling... hehehe, love it!

Well, I'm glad you did that cause the card turned out awesome!

Haha!!! Congratulations!!!

I was too called crazy for traveling so far, but it was awesome!

It was a wonderful trip and I am so happy to have met you all. Thank you for adding the bonus of a birthday celebration to the mix, Kai! :]

Ah, happy birthday, Kai, and glad you had fun!

Thanks Alexis :)

It was amazing to meet all of you! Happy birthday again, Kai :) Thank you everyone for making the summit a special day.

This made me smile! A belated Happy Birthday! to you. I'm glad it was such a great time!

יום כולדת שמח! :Happy Birthday in Hebrew

הולדת :)

መልካም ልደት! (Guess which language that is?)

It seems you had a good day! :) Also, where's the Arabic on the card? I can't see it anywhere...

Correct! Was it hard? ;)


I checked your bio... lol

The pleasure is all mine. You are a great guy and it was nice to meet you in person =) Good to know that you safely returned to the US!

[deactivated user]

    Happy (late) birthday Kai!

    Nice :) Happy birthday!

    Happy Belated Birthday Kai!

    Happy birthday Kai !! I have no doubt this moment was wonderful !!! (Unfortunately I lost this precious moment :/ ) ... I hope meet my team, other teams and the duo staff in the near future :)

    Happy Birthday, Kai! :D

    It's a shame that I couldn't have made it to the summit in Berlin .. I hope to meet you all in the near future!

    Happy Birthday Kai! I'll give you my greeting in Hebrew : מזל טוב! (Mazal Tov)

    Dvir, from team Hebrew (:

    I have a question, what does exactly "מזל טוב" mean? Actually, what does "מזל" mean, because "טוב" means "good".

    מזל(mazal) = luck.

    Actually, it literally means - Good luck. But we say it when someone has a birthday. We also say: יום הולדת שמח (Yom huledet sameach) = Happy birthday.

    The correct translation for the term "good luck" in Hebrew is: בהצלחה (Behatslacha).

    I hope that I answered your question properly :)

    כן. תודה רבה!

    danke is thanks just so you know

    A way too late Happy Birthday! from me too :)

    Did anyone else spot the Romanian on that card? :)

    My name is Kai too and I was like "Oh thank you, but not until July 31st". Happy birthday, Kai!

    Happy birthday a bit late, then! A multi-language birthday card is indeed very cool. :)

    It is in Arabic : "شكراً" or "شكراً لك"

    [deactivated user]

      Also, in chinese, it is, 谢谢!

      [deactivated user]

        btw, when is your birthday? Is it the day princess charlotte was born?

        April 29th, so nope. I don't share a birthday with a princess :/

        There is a song with my birthday as the title, so that's something.

        Tillykke med fødselsdagen!

        One language you missed: Turkish! Selcen wrote "Doğum günün kutlu olsun" and Alex wrote "İyi ki varsın." Someone else (not sure who) also wrote "Mutlu yıllar."

        "someone else" emma-lee93, Özge :)

        Gelukkige late verjaardag (please correct me if I did something wrong). And could you give me a formatting lesson please?

        Interesting! I've never seen "thank you" in Japanese written with kanji before, but I suppose it definitely is possible! Usually it's just どうもありがとう!

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