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"Jeg ved ikke, om bilen er rød."

Translation:I do not know if the car is red.

May 5, 2015



isn't the comma unnecessary here?

[deactivated user]

    Commas before dependent clauses (startkomma) used to be mandatory, but today they're optional. Most people still use them though, particularly when writing formally. That's also why you'll find that Danes tend too use waaaay to many commas when writing in English.


    haha i see. i figured it was something like that. i'm swedish myself. :)


    Can you just confim to me in this case you cannot use hvis because it is dependent clause? That is my impression but maybe i am wrong..


    Hvis is for conditional clauses. So yes, you can only use om here.

    If as in a condition: hvis

    If as in [whether or not]: om


    What is wrong with the English contraction don"t? Iis used much more than do not.

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