"Il est dans un état bizarre."

Translation:He is in a strange state.

December 23, 2012

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That'll be Wyoming then..


One lingot for the pun.

PS: here we say "il était dans un état... proche de l'Ohio".

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The only other time I've heard this is in the song "Ohio." Which came first, the song or the saying?

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You deserve a lingot for that but D/L doe not give that option on their App. which I am using .


No, I don't think so. This is talking about his state of mind, not one of the United States.


In Ireland it is an oft used word. When someone is feeling very low we might say "He is in a bad state" or "She is in a terrible state" Just a little additional information, when someone has had too much to drink and the effects are obvious it can be said that "He/She is in some state". Just one more, when a person is looking disheveled we often say "Look at the state of him/her.


Thanks for these tips! French colloquial expression:

  • il/elle est dans un sale état (drunk or unhealthy or injured or depressed)


Could "un état bizarre" be translated as "a strange mood" or does that miss the meaning?


Useful french expression: "il a pete un cable"

Not a native but I'd say it means like he's gone nuts. Or he's lost it.

Il est dans un etat bizarre... oui il a pete un cable..


This is a bit excessive. "Il a pété un câble" (slang) = he has lost his mind.

"un état bizarre" is a lot less serious.


I didn't say it meant the same thing, it was rather a semi-educational mindfart blowing in the same direction :-)

Very off topic, but in my experience the 'clutter' that Duo wants us to stop with is the best part of this site. bon week-end a toi !


Believe me: it is not true!


Why "funny" or "bizarre" but not "crazy"?


Bizarre doesn't mean crazy. Crazy suggests his state is serious and that he is making little to no sense. Bizarre just means something is a bit off...


For what it's worth, I don't think one would interpret "he is in a crazy state" as "he's acting crazy"; more like "it's crazy, the state he's in!" But all the same, it's not a phrase anyone's likely to use.


«Il est dans une humeur bizarre» would be closer, I think.


The preposition does not work: il est d'une humeur bizarre


Bien sûr ! Merci.


Can I say "he is in a strange mood" ?


Why is "he is in a strange condition" not accepted when the previous lession told us état = condition/ shape?


It does now accept "He's in a strange condition."

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I chose, "he is in a peculiar mind frame." I was marked wrong. I'm not sure why that would be wrong.


why is it dans un état bizarre but en mauvais état when to use en or dans


The change is due to the placement of the adjective: "bizarre" is regular and placed after the noun, whereas "mauvais" is irregular and placed before the noun.

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