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  5. "Is it a familiar girl?"

"Is it a familiar girl?"

Translation:Er det en velkendt pige?

May 6, 2015



I wrote "Er den en velkendt pige?" but the correct answer has "det". I'm still confused on why this sentence would use "det" instead of "den". I thought that since you're talking about a girl, you would use den. What am I missing?

[deactivated user]

    Det is used "as the subject of være/blive when the verb is followed by a noun, a pronoun or an adjective, irrespective of gender or number."

    They do the same thing in German with "Das ist ein Mann", "Ist das eine Frau?" etc.


    Ok, that makes more sense now. Thank you!


    "bekendt" er også en korrekt oversættelse af "familiar"


    Why in this sentence is it not VELKEND? Is it because we are using an indefinite article (en) rather than a definite article (den)? Mange tak for svaret.


    I guess 'velkendt' is the basic form.
    That's at least what google told me.

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